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Privacy Policy

Safeguarding Personal Information

We at YEC Co., Ltd. (hereafter "We") think that handling personal information properly is our social responsibility in this era of free information exchange spreading through IT technologies and an expanding network society .

We established the privacy policy as shown below, notified and ingrained it in all employees, and contribute to the society by acting with awareness of the importance of safeguarding personal information.

Privacy Policy
We believe it is our social responsibility to properly protect information that can identify individuals (hereafter "personal information") including "customer registration cards" collected on product shipping, questionnaires collected at exhibitions, customer information collected when providing services such as data copy, data deletion and data recovery, and promote the following efforts.
  1. We shall use personal information provided from customers only for legitimate purposes to fulfill agreements with customers, develop better products, and provide customers with useful information, and shall not use this information for other purposes. We shall also undertake the appropriate actions.
  2. We shall implement rational and technological measures to prevent leaks, loss or damage of personal information, and implement corrective actions.
  3. We shall not provide personal information provided from customers to third parties unless for valid reasons.
  4. We shall prevent information leaks and re-distribution by third parties when providing customers' personal information to the third parties through binding agreements unless for valid reasons. We shall also notify customers of the scope of third parties whom personal information is provided, the purpose of its use, and customer support contacts.
  5. We shall respond to requests from customers to confirm, correct or delete personal information within a reasonable time period. If you have any requests, please contact us.
  6. We shall conform to Japanese laws and other regulations for personal information protection, establish in-house rules conforming to those laws and commit to safeguarding personal information.
  7. We shall recognize the importance of safeguarding information of our employees properly, and implement the safeguarding activities based on this policy.
  8. The personal information management system shall promote this policy, and review and improve it continuously.
  9. We shall conduct training and educational activities for safeguarding personal information to manage personal information properly for all employees.
  • Established on June 6, 2003
  • Revised on December 1, 2008
  • YEC Co., Ltd.
  • President Koichi Ninbe
Contact for privacy policy
YEC Co., Ltd.
Seiji Takahashi
53-44-45, Minamimachida, Machida City, Tokyo 194-0005 Japan
Phone: +81-42-796-8511

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Personal Information Disclosure

Purpose of use for personal information to be disclosed
The purpose for use of personal information disclosures is shown below.
(1) Personal information of customers
- To provide maintenance and support.
- To provide product information.
- To contact customers, discharge an agreement, and request for discharge, etc.
- To investigate and analyze for developing better products and services.
(2) Personal information of those seeking employment at YEC
- To review employment and contact the applicant.
(3) Personal information of our employees
- To manage human resources and attendance.
Disclosure request form and recipient address
To request disclosure, download our "Personal Information Disclosure Request" and submit to the following address. Identification, placeholder identification, or confirmation of business transaction information may be required. We shall reply to the person who requested within two weeks after the request is received.
Recipient and address of "Personal Information Disclosure Request"
53-44-45, Minamimachida, Machida City, Tokyo 194-0005 Japan
Privacy Policy Manager, YEC Co., Ltd.
Contact for personal information disclosure complaint
The privacy policy manager will respond to inquiries regarding personal information disclosures. Please contact the office described in the Privacy Policy.

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