Data copy, deletion, analysis and inspection tools for various storage devices.


Plug-in UnitSlide-in hard disk attachment unit
Plug-in Unit
One-touch HDD slide-in attachment developed by YEC.
Shortens HDD attaching/removing time and improves work efficiency.
Prevents HDD pin deformation when attaching/removing HDD.
Prevents cable connector abrasion and minimizes connector consumption.
Customization including installation of incorrect operation prevention function with attachment sensor and air-lock mechanism is available.

2.5" SATA Triple Plug-in (For upper row)

3.5" SATA Triple Plug-in (For lower row)

*For Current Customers*
Conversion adapters are consumables.We recommend regular check-up and replacement.
Conversion AdapterConversion adapter adjusts to various HDD sizes
Conversion Adapter

Conversion adapter to connect between an interface cable connected to our product and HDDs so that various HDD sizes and interfaces can be connected.

HDD Conversion Adapter Y-6251SCA Conversion Adapter Y-6092ATA-SATA Conversion Adapter Y-6390

* Other product lineup is also available. See "List of Optional Products" for details.

*For Current Customers*
Conversion adapters are consumables. We recommend regular check-up and replacement.
CableCable to connect device to HDD

Connects HDDs to our product and supplies power and signal connection. Various cables to connect host computers to devices, and connect devices to devices are also available.

ATA interface cable Y-7030SATA interface cable Y-7050SCSI U2 interface cable Y-7300HDD supply DC cable Y-7110

* Other product lineup is also available. See "List of Optional Products" for details.

*For Current Customers*
Interface cables and DC cables are consumables. We recommend regular check-up and replacement.
HDD CaseAnti-static HDD case
HDD Case

Cases to store HDDs which contain important data and files securely and safely.

HDD Case

FeaturesAre your HDDs left like this?
Protects HDDs with vibration and impact absorbing viscoelastic memory form materials.
Protects HDD electronic components from static electricity with conductive materials.
Protects from humidity with desiccant.
Cases for 2.5" and 3.5" are available.
Easy to recognize the contents by attaching an index label.
Utility ToolsUseful HDD-related tools
Utility Tools

Useful tools only we with a long history of manufacturing and developing HDD-related devices can create.

HDD DC connector removal tool

*HDD DC connector removal tool*
Tool to easily remove AMP connectors using the principle of leverage.
It is difficult to remove connectors with hands, and forcible removal may deform pins resulting in a bad connection.


Cover removal tool "Packer"

*Cover removal tool "Packer"*
Tool to easily disassemble laptop computers or external HDDs to remove HDDs without damaging housing.
Insert the tip of Packer into the mold mating slit and rotate Packer to unlock the tab and open it "with a snap".
As it is a resin molded product unlike metal flathead screwdriver or tweezers, it does not damage laptop computers and external HDDs.

* Other product lineup is also available. See "List of Products" for details.

Terminal Software Software to create deletion certificate and acquire logs
Terminal Software

Special software to acquire, create and manage data by installing it on a host computer and communicating with the computer when creating deletion certificates on data deletion, acquiring log data of connected HDDs, and confirming detailed operation information.

*Product Lineup*

Model Number Product Name
Y-9001 Terminal software for KingKesender Mini
Y-9023 Terminal software for King
Y-9024 Terminal software for DemiUAv3
Model Number Product Name
Y-9026 Terminal software for ImageBlaster
Y-9027 Terminal software for Hit UH1110
Y-9028 Terminal software for XG series

Carrying Case Carrying case for safe product transport
Carrying Case

Dedicated carrying case to carry devices safely and efficiently when transporting our devices on-site. In addition to devices, cables, accessories, optional products, user's manuals, HDDs and tools can be stored. Results in improving on-site operability.

KingDemi Carrying Case Y-9105ImageBlaster Carrying Case Y-9106DemiXG3030 Carrying Case

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