Data Restore Service Restore unreadable files and deleted data
Data Restore Service
Contingent Fee System Price Setting
Data restore service provides restoration and reactivation of a wide variety of media from external hard disks, HDD recorders, HDDs of PC and server to SD and CF cards used for digital cameras and USB memory at a low price. Personal computers are precision devices and hard disk drives often fail as they age. Remove hard disk drives and salvage data files from broken hard disk drives using various methods. We provide a wide variety of solution services based on our expertise, technologies and experience.
Advanced Technologies Only Hard Disk Related Device Specialists Can Provide
We support a variety of media through the perfect method in line with the failure.
Robust Security System
Work is done on a dedicated floor secured with total security measures. We are fully prepared for information leaks.
Physical Failure Acceptable
We support physically damaged devices. Physical damage means that that HDD is physically damaged. HDD is composed of precision parts including head, board, motor, platter, and it is very difficult for an individual to restore HDD data. Using an incorrect method to restore may permanently destroy the data. In this case, the data will never be restored, therefore, we recommend not to move a hard disk unless it is necessary at hard disk failure.
Data restore service is perfect for...
Files are deleted by incorrect operations.
PC does not start due to an external impact caused by dropping, etc.
PC does not start due to virus infection.
PC build-in HDD is making a strange sound and access is unavailable.
Cannot recognize MO at all, and a message prompting format appears.
Cannot access a shared disk.
Sudden inability to recognize digital camera memory.

Leave It to the Data Crash Restore Specialists

If an error message stating"Data is corrupted" or "Cannot read" appears when opening a file, the program file is damaged. When a hard disk crash occurred and data except crash area is readable, data can be salvaged; however, specialized software is required to restore the data when an individual is trying to restore the data. Under some circumstances, data may not be restored by using and installing specialized software. We recommend to ask data restore service specialists to ensure data is restored. Our service is conducted by skilled engineers with expertise and we will return restored data to you. We provide a wide variety of solution services based on our expertise, technologies and experience.
Support List of Data Restore Services
Service Name Data Restore Service
Product Number PV-0060
Supported Media Hard disks, MO, FD, flash memory, CD, DVD
Supported Interfaces ATA/SATA/SCSI
HDD Classification Client PCs/Servers/NAS/RAID
On-site Service -
Failure Classification Logical failure response Compatible with all supported media
  Physical failure response Support hard disks only
Storage media for restored data CD-R, DVD-R, external hard disk (When restored data capacity is 20GB or more)
Failure Severity
Failure severity Description
Minor failure OS does not start due to a system problem, deletion due to quick formatting, minor OS failure, etc.
Moderate failure File information corruption, deletion, abnormality, virus failure, etc.
Severe failure Fatal failure of file system, severely damaged management area including partition table, etc.
  • - Descriptions of failure severity are indicators. The actual event may differ from the failure severity.
List of Compatible HDD Manufacturers
Buffalo LinkStation Series · Melco · IO Data · HDDs for MAC computers · HDDs for Linux
* We support hard disks of manufacturers other than the above as well as overseas manufacturers. NAS type HDDs can also be restored.

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