Kitting ServiceCopy and backup of PC-to-PC and DISK-to-DISK
Kitting Service
Individual PC configuration, peripheral expansion and configuration
Performs individual PC configuration, application installation, memory expansion, etc. after copy.
Only one unit is acceptable.
Regardless of lot scale. Only one HDD, one USB memory, or one CD-ROM is acceptable.
Short delivery period, high reliability and low cost using our own developed products
Uses high speed duplicators developed by YEC and used widely by many companies.
Various media supported
Copy and backup for HDD, CD, DVD, flash memory and PC are available.
On-site service available
Provides on-site service to prepare for on-site system crash.
Kitting service is perfect for...
Regular backup to prepare for unforeseen circumstances
To prepare for unforeseen circumstances such as HDD failures and data loss by backing up HDD data regularly.
Batch data copy when replacing a large number of PCs
Data copy work normally performed manually or by using software with expensive license fees can be performed efficiently at low cost.

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