Solution Services

Contracted services including data restore, deletion and copy for various storage devices

We developed the first hard disk duplicator in Japan, and our products have been highly evaluated for their functionality, performance, quality and reliability, and used widely by many companies, governmental agencies and academic institutions in Japan and abroad. We provide wide variety of solution services based on our expertise, technologies and experience.

  • Data Restore Service
    Data Restore Service Restore unreadable files and deleted data
    Restore your important files and data from unbootable PCs or servers that cannot be started due to a failure or mistakenly deleted files. We cause price destruction in the data restore industry.
  • Data Deletion Service
    Data Deletion ServiceFull data deletion to prevent important data asset leaks
    Completely deletes data on magnetic media such as hard disks to prevent information leaks. Media after deletion can be reused. We provide NSA recommended and DoD conforming systems, etc.
  • Kitting Service
    Kitting ServiceCopy and backup of PC-to-PC and DISK-to-DISK
    We handle a wide range of lots, from small scale to large scale, for copy from mater PC to target PC, individual configuration after copy, application installation, PC kitting to expand optional devices, copy and backup of hard disks and flash memory.
  • HDD Screening Service
    HDD Screening Service Hard disk selection acceptance tests
    Confirms hard disk performance and identifies defective hard disks. Performs tests based on your designated specifications.