HDD Screening Service

HDD Screening Service

We will launch HDD Screening Service (selection acceptance inspection testing) using our many years in hard disk development technologies.
We conduct sort testing to determine if purchased HDDs to be installed in your products or HDDs to be sold meet certain standards based on your specified testing specifications or our recommended testing specifications.

Advantages of Screening

  • Eliminate defective HDDs before they are put into production lines or installed to commercial products
    • → Reduce unnecessary installation costs
    • → Improve process first run rate of production lines
  • Eliminate low performing HDDs
    • → Reduce on-site maintenance costs by improving HDD reliability
  • Reduce costs by conducting aging tests simultaneously
    • → Reduce in-house production costs by outsourcing final process (aging)
  • Improve company image by selling highly-reliable products
    • → Earn trust from customers by selling high quality HDDs

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Details will be announced soon.

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