Data copy, deletion, analysis and inspection tools for various storage devices.

Forensic Tools

NINJA DEMICompact, Light Weight and High Performance Duplicator-Eraser-Tester
DemiYG2020 SAS/SATA/USB3.01:1

Evidence preservation (forensics), SATA 6Gbps compatible ultra high speed duplicator supporting multi-interfaces

Duplication – All copy, Compare, Error skip copy, Reverse copy, Range copy,
Data only copy, Map copy
Erasure – DoD(3), DoD ECE (7),Security Erase, Security Erase Enhanced, One
time erase, NSA, NCSC, US Army, US Navy, US AF
Data Recovery – Reverse copy, Skip copy, Advanced skip copy
Diagnosis – Read all and random, Write, Verify all and random, Read Write
compare, Cycle test, Read Repair, SMART Status, Short and extended self test
Forensic Imaging – DD Create, E01 Create, Ex01 Create, DD Hash, E01 Hash,
Ex01 Hash, Format FAT32, Format ExFAT, Format NTFS, Restore image to
HDD, Mount master to HDD, Mount target to HDD
Resize – HPA, DCO, AMAC, SCSI Format
Drive Info – Drive info, Partition info, Map data info, Erase map, Error info
Custom Scripting
Main Specifications
Interface: SATA III 6Gbps / SAS 6Gbps / USB3.0 5Gbps/ IDE via adapter
Communication Port: 1 port (1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T)
PCAID IIIWrite protection tools for hard disk with backup/restore functions*

USB 3.0 supported
Write protection tools for hard disk (with backup/restore functions*)

Write protection function to protect important data is installed. Data can be protected from erroneous writing.
High speed transfer thanks to USB 3.0 connection.
Easy HDD attaching and removal thanks to one-touch docking.
Data can be backed up and restored from HDD connected to a PC by using software sold separately (Disklosure).
Backup data of multiple computers can be stored in one PCAID III by using software sold separately (Disklosure).

Requires optional software sold separately.

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