Discontinued Products

Copy Tools

  • DemiUAv3
    DemiUAv3 Ultra compact, high performance duplicator
    Ultra compact, light weight and portable high performance duplicator. Perfect for on-site work.
  • ImageBlaster
    ImageBlasterMulti-interface compatible duplicator
    "ImageBlaster" is discontinued. Check the successor model "DemiXG3031". 
  • KingDemi/KingDemi AS
    KingDemi/KingDemi AS High speed, small lot compatible duplicator
    "King Demi/DemiAS" is discontinued.
    Contact us for details.
  • KingHit/KingHit AS
    KingHit/KingHit AS High speed, high capacity HDD duplicator
    "King Hit/HitAS" is discontinued. Check the successor model "HitXG1060". 
    Contact us for details.
  • DemiXG1020
    DemiXG1020Compact, light weight and high performance duplicator
    SATA 3Gbps supported portable, high speed and high performance duplicator
  • DemiYG1020
    DemiYG1020SATA 6Gbps supported ultra high speed duplicator
    SATA III supported ultra high speed duplicator with evidence preservation function and USB 3.0 master port installed
  • DemiXG3031
    DemiXG3031 Multi-interface compatible duplicator
    Ultra high speed duplicator with copy, deletion and evidence preservation functions for SCSI/SAS/FC HDD.
  • DemiXG2020
    DemiXG2020 SAS interface compatible duplicator
    Compact, portable ultra high speed duplicator with standard installed SAS interface.
  • Duplicate System
    Duplicate System HDD mass-produced duplicator
    Perfect for high capacity HDD data deletion on HDD production line.

Deletion Tools

  • KingKesender Mini
    KingKesender Mini Full data deletion tool for HDD
    "KingKesender Mini" is discontinued. 
    Check the successor model "KesenderXG1010". Contact us for details.
  • KesenderXG1010
    KesenderXG1010 Full data deletion tool for HDD
    Completely delete data in HDD when disposing of PCs or returning leased servers.
  • HDD-Clear III
    HDD-Clear III Full data deletion software for HDD
    Full data deletion using simple operations without having to remove HDD from computer

Recovery Tools

    PCAID IIBackup tool with write protection function
    "PCAID II" is discontinued.
    The successor model "PCAID III" will be released. 

Inspection Tools

  • KingDeca
    KingDecaHDD performance analysis station
    "KingDeca" is discontinued. The successor model will be announced soon. 
  • Multi Disk Tester
    Multi Disk Test System (4Port) HDD performance evaluation system
    Various inspections can be performed using a multitude of HDD performance evaluation functions! For acceptance inspection after HDD is installed.

Analysis Tools

  • Atola Insight
    Atola Insight HDD failure analysis tools
    Innovative tools to diagnose and analyze physical HDD defects.
  • EnCase Forensic
    EnCase Forensic Media analysis software
    Leading tool in computer forensics industry.

Media Tools

  • Hit UH1110
    Hit UH1110Copy and deletion tools for USB memory
    This product is discontinued.
  • USB Media Blaster
    USB Media BlasterATA-USB conversion adapter
    This product is discontinued.
  • USB Dock
    USB DockUSB startup box with data deletion application
    Deletion and diagnostics can be performed by connecting to PC via USB.
  • USB Write Protector
    USB Write ProtectorWrite protection tools
    Write Protection Tools for USB Storage
  • Hit US3160
    Hit US3160USB 3.0 compatible duplicator
    USB 3.0 compatible duplicator enabling high speed data transfer and high capacity processing
  • Maintenance Partner
    Maintenance PartnerAlternative FD device with security function
    USB security tools for maintenance

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