Data Deletion ServiceFull data deletion to prevent important data asset leaks
Data Deletion Service
On-site deletion
Latest interface compatible
Only one unit is acceptable.
Regardless of lot scale. Only one HDD or one USB memory is permitted.
Issuing deletion certificates (reports)
A deletion certificate is issued for each computer and HDD.
Data deletion service is perfect for...
Want to dispose of PC but data is still on HDD.
Return leased servers to a leasing company. What should I do about data on HDD?
Data on client computers can be deleted using commercial software, but what about data on servers?
License fees of commercial software are expensive . Want to gain security without having to pay exorbitant costs.
What is data deletion?
What is data deletion?If data is left on HDDs when disposing of PCs or returning leased servers,
data may be leaked.
To prevent information leaks, overwrite (filling with "00") HDDs by sectors
for full deletion, and safely dispose or reuse the HDDs.
Is formatting enough?
No. HDD deleted or formatted by Windows tools can easily be restored and viewed using restore software and analysis tools. More important data requires more complete deletion.
What will happen to media after deletion? How to confirm deletion?Deletion certificate
Our data deletion does not physically destroy magnetic media and the media can be used again by re-formatting. Deletion reports are issued so that full deletion can be confirmed.
What is the number of overwrites?
Normally, just one overwrite can delete data that cannot be restored almost 100%. Our deletion service provides NSA (National Security Agency) recommended and DoD (Department of Defense) conforming systems in addition to one time overwrite.

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